Delta Board

Mekanism gave carte blanche to the Dutch master of 3D, Delta, for its new collaboration.

Living and working in Amsterdam, Delta is a pioneer of the graffiti movement in Europe. After bombing walls for several years in the 80’s when he was a teenager, he stopped his activity for a while by lack of motivation. He then went to an industrial design engineering school and discovered there the possibility of bringing a new dimension into graffiti writing. His motivation was intense again, he became then the first one to introduce 3D letters into graffiti.

Delta has influenced writers worldwide with his unique letter style. He expanded his art on different mediums such as records sleeves, 3 dimensional canvases and sculptures. Delta creates a world of his own, a world made of abstract forms speaking their own language. This design is an urban dimensional dazzle, an experiment of a mixture of Delta’s name, dazzle camouflage patterns and the organization of some of Hong Kong buildings that inspired him during a trip he made there.

For any info about Delta, visit his site www.deltainc.nl

This skateboard is an edition of 100 numbered decks and will be available from November 24th in select stores and online at Transistor.