For its second collaboration of 2006, Mekanism gave carte blanche to French artist Zevs. After many years of activism, Zevs is considered by many as a Parisian legend of graffiti. Beyond simply writing his name in the heart of the city, he made his mean of expression evolving into a poetic and committed representation and therefore is regarded nowadays as a contemporary artist whose work is shown in galleries.

With projects like his flashing shadows, ads diversions and his famous visual kidnapping of the Lavazza ad’s model, he shows us our environment from a different angle, making us aware of the manipulation we suffer on a daily basis.

For this deck, Zevs presents one of his latest projects called “graffiti illumination”.
The photo was taken in the underground in London. This neon was removed by Zevs, painted in black, scratched in certain areas so that the light can come through and replaced in its original location.

This deck is a limited-edition of 100 numbered copies and will be available in select stores from May 3rd and on-line at Transistor.